Super Immunity

Super Immunity™

Empowering your immune cells to the next level !


Vegielight™ Super Immunity™
Beta Glucan Supplement
60 Capsules (60 Servings)

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What is Super Immunity™

Super Immunity™ is made up of Beta Glucan, a polysaccharide extracted from yeast cell membrane.  Beta Glucan has been proven to activate various immune cells to support fighting intruders and non-friendly cells

Boost Immune Response

Activating various immune cells such as macrophages and T-cells to fight off invaders such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, toxins and parasites

All Natural and Safe

Derived from yeast cell membrane and free of yeast protein that can cause allergic reactions

Optimised for absorption

Reduced to extremely small particle size to be easily absorbed by macrophages and others, maximising potency

Why Super Immunity™

Scientifically Proven

Widely proven as effective Immuno-modulator
For many years, beta glucan has been researched and shown to activate various immune cells including Macrophage, NK-cells, T-cells, B-cells, etc.  Such actions will effectively strengthen our immune response to fight off various attacks from virus, bacteria, fungi and more.

Inulin Prebiotic

Plenty of Inulin to further enhance effectiveness
Inulin, a prebiotic soluble fiber, not just enhance bowel movement but also being a vital food for our gut bacteria.  Healthy gut bacteria microbiome is another important factor for a strong immune system

No Allergens

Free of glutens
Although the beta glucan has been extracted from yeast cell membranes, it does not contain any gluten that some may be allergic to.  In fact, it is free of dairy, soy, egg, gluten, corn, wheat or preservatives.

No Maltodextrin

No Maltodextrin added

Simply, no sugar added!


Super Immunity

Vegielight™ Super Immunity™
Beta Glucan Supplement
60 Capsules (60 Servings)

plus shipping & tax

Super Immunity Nutrition Label

Product Details
Vegielight™ Super Immunity™ 
Beta Glucan Supplement

Serving Size: 1 capsule
No. of Servings: 60

Note: See Expiry Date at the bottom of bottle

Suggested Usage

  1. Dietary Supplement - As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule a day before meal or as directed by your health professional.
  2. Fight off infections - When infection symptoms appear, take up to 4 capsules three times a day.  Children under 12 can reduce to half as much.
  3. Medical Advice - For those who are pregnant or have other chronic medical conditions, always consult with your physician before taking any supplements.

Note: Information and statements regarding dietary supplements or other products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, mitigate, or prevent any disease.  Please seek professional advice from your medical practitioners before using these products.


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